New Baby

Itís never too soon to start thinking about budgeting for a child, planning for college expenses, considering tax implications, and properly insuring your family now and over time. With each stage of a growing family, your goals and priorities will change. Our approach to financial goal setting is to be flexible and evolve as your family expands and grows.

You may wish to discuss with an investment advisor such financial questions as:

  • Have you reviewed your employee benefits package to consider health, life, and disability insurance options?
  • Do you need additional insurance protection beyond that offered by your employer?
  • Have you executed or updated a valid will or trust?
  • Do you plan to review and update your beneficiaries?
  • Should you make contributions into an Education Savings Account such as a 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan?
  • Is now a good time to build a fund for unexpected illness, job loss, or other surprise?
  • How can you avoid the temptation to cut back on saving for your retirement while paying for a new babyís needs?

For planning the next steps in your financial future, contact IAM to make a free appointment.

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